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(all visits include mail retrieval, basic watering, cans out on garbage day,poop scoop,etc.)

30-minute Visit                         $30
Feed animals, change water, clean itter boxes,
administer medications, cuddle & play with, pets, 
(a 30-minute visit)

One-Hour Visit                         $45
Same as a single drop-in visit, but will spend
one hour with your pet(s) - your choice!
  * This can be a walk/visit or any combination 

Dog Walk - 1 dog                      $30
30 minute walk   (add $3/$5 for second dog)

Overnight Stay                         $85
7:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m.
Dog walk, feedings, medications,
lots of love & affection, spend the night in your home

Additional Pet in Your Home 
(from another household)
  Per pet/per visit . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . add $10
  Per pet/per overnight stay . . . . . . add $15


Cat Nail Clipping
As a Separate Service  (up to 2 cats)         $30 
 During a visit or overnight stay            $12 ea.

Pet Taxi (pet transport)          $45/hr.

Included services
(with all types of visits)
  * mail/newspaper/package retrieval
   * cans at curbside on garbage day
   * light watering of plants
   * poop pick up - yard
A daily log on your pets' activities will be provided for all services.
Or I will gladly email or text you progress reports while you are gone

You will be asked to call me upon your return home.

Main Service Area for:
  • Alamo -WC border
  • Concord 
  • Lafayette 
  • Pleasant Hill
  • Walnut Creek

Outlying service areas
(small travel fee 
will apply)
  • Clayton
  • Concord/Clayton   border
  • North Concord
  • Martinez 
  • Orinda
  • Alamo

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